​My name is Emile Sawyer.  I am currently the owner of Dependable Fitness Cross-Training fitness studio in Bogota New Jersey.  I have worked at several wellness centers in Bergen County teaching classes and giving private sessions. I have 7 yrs of management experience with Retro Fitness and Achieve 24 and over 15 years of Personal Training experience. 

Certifications and Diplomas
Registered Medical Assistant. (AMT)
National Academy Of Sports Medicine (NASM) 
International Sports Science Association ( ISSA)
Certification in Functional Movement 
Certification in Nutrition


Mixing up your fitness routine confuses the body and leads to better results …faster. Doing the same thing over and over and over might be a healthy obsession for a while, but it ultimately leads to boredom and falling out of routine. Your body will quickly begin to predict and conserve and those problem spots will persist.  At Dependable Fitness Cross-Training, we challenge you to challenge yourself. Our Personal Trainers will develop a strategy to both confuse your body and keep your interest. Our Group Training Instructors will expose you to fitness disciplines you might never believed you had the strength for and wellness techniques you might never have considered.  But the core of our philosophy is you. Dependable Fitness Cross Training is a laboratory of new and innovative fitness programs created by us but shaped by you!

This is a quick demo of few of the exercises that you will see at Dependable Fitness Cross-Training.

Dependable Fitness Cross-Training Bogota